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October 1, 2014, Toronto, ON – CognisantMD™, a Toronto-based health informatics software company, today announced a major milestone as they surpassed 100,000 patient record updates on the Ocean Platform™. The cloud-based software provides a secure, controlled way for patients to contribute to their own Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) using mobile tablets, online questionnaires, and a library of over 400 clinical screening tools.

Launched just under a year ago, CognisantMD’s OceanWave™ tablets and online questionnaires are already in use at over 50 primary care and specialist clinics across Ontario including St. Michael’s Hospital and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

The innovative platform allows patients to share information – such as updated contact information or a detailed patient history – using a simple touchscreen or online interface. Data entered by the patient is automatically used to calculate scores, recommend treatment based on clinical guidelines, and generate a clinical note in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

“The waiting room is really a lost opportunity that’s been neglected by the healthcare system, ” said Dr. Doug Kavanagh, Co-Founder of CognisantMD and a family physician based in Toronto. “Most clinics are still asking patients to fill in paperwork on a clipboard, which is scanned or typed into the EMR. It’s inefficient and prone to errors. It also results in unstructured, bulky documentation, which negates much of the EMR’s capability to optimize care.”

“By collecting data electronically from the patient right from the start, we can improve the full spectrum of patient care, from administration to clinical care and even research. Patient visits are more focused, wait times are reduced, and patient records are structured and more accurate,” said Kavanagh. “It’s a rare example where the concerns of the patient, clinician, and the researcher are all aligned to the same workflow.”

OceanWave™ has seen rapid adoption, with physicians in family practice, student health services, and specialist clinics driving much of the growth. At the Happy Valley Family Health Team in St. Marys, Ontario, patients are presented with a touchscreen tablet at reception when they check in. Patients use the tablet to review and update their contact information, provide consent for office policies, and then complete a focused history or screening based on the reason for the visit. Some patients are also sent online questionnaires to complete at home before coming to the clinic.

“OceanWave makes my office visits more efficient, but more importantly, it allows me to focus more time and attention on talking to my patient, because the basic history has already been completed and entered in the EMR by the time I see them,” said Dr. Bob Davis, a family physician at Happy Valley Family Health Team. “My patients and staff appreciate it too. It has reduced our paperwork, our EMR data is up-to-date, and I’ve found that patients more readily disclose sensitive details on the tablet than they do face-to-face. In addition, it has shown me that patients appreciate having more input into their health decisions. I believe that OceanWave is one of the few advances in technology that has actually improved both patient interaction and quality of care.”

The OceanWave tablet solution can be set up and running in under an hour. The platform works with all EMRs, with deep integration for TELUS PS Suite® and OSCAR EMRs. The platform includes over 400 clinical guideline-based questionnaires in the Ocean library, including commonly used tools such as the PHQ-9 for mental health disorders and the Nipissing District Developmental Screen (NDDS) for well-baby screens. For more details and pricing visit www.cognisantmd.com.

About CognisantMD
CognisantMD™ is a leading provider of health informatics and clinical decision support technology, specializing in electronic medical records optimization, healthcare quality improvement, and clinical research. CognisantMD’s Ocean Platform uses mobile, cloud-based technology to help streamline and improve interactions between patients, healthcare providers and staff, and researchers. Over 950 physicians use CognisantMD tools in clinics across Ontario, including St. Michael’s Hospital, Sunnybrook Hospital and the University of Ottawa. For more information, visit www.cognisantmd.com.

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