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Ocean unlocks connections between healthcare providers, systems and the patients they serve to support more open, efficient and equitable care.

Over the past decade, a digital evolution in healthcare has led to a vast ecosystem of solutions designed to manage and store patient data. The next phase of health system transformation will require new ways to securely access and exchange that information between patients, healthcare providers, and systems.  

That’s where Ocean comes in.

The Ocean Platform uses modern HL7 FHIR® standards to connect the many systems that store patient health information. Ocean’s powerful suite of software tools then provides ways for patients and providers to access that information for patient engagement, clinic administration, clinical service requests and more.

By centralizing data exchange through a single network, Ocean also provides anonymized data to support system-level improvements and more equitable care.

Are you a patient and looking to learn more about Ocean? Please visit our Patient Information Guide.

Platform at a Glance

25,000+ Clinicians using Ocean

1M+ Monthly Patient Engagements

65,000+ Monthly eReferrals

How Ocean moves critical information

Connects & Unlocks
Connects & Unlocks

Patient health information (PHI) is stored across a variety of technology systems, from electronic medical records (EMRs) in primary care clinics to Hospital Information Systems (HIS) in acute care, to systems supporting long term care coordination and patient management.   

Underlying the Ocean Platform is the Ocean FHIR® Integration Layer. Built on open, international standards for an Application Programming interface (API), Ocean allows technology solutions to easily connect to the Ocean Platform, thereby creating connections for the secure exchange of patient data between those systems. 

Network Integrations

Shares & Manages
Shares & Manages

The Ocean Patient Engagement Suite is a collection of EMR-integrated tools that allow providers to seamlessly connect with their patients.

Using websites, tablets and messages, along with Canada’s largest library of clinical forms and screening tools, patients can quickly review and contribute to medical records while making visits more efficient and informative.

About the Suite

Collects & Organizes
Collects & Organizes

Simply providing data exchange is not enough. Once data is unlocked, Ocean collects and organizes the data using structured forms built on the Ocean Forms Engine.  

This powerful tool supports a library of thousands of shared, editable forms that can then be accessed through Ocean’s suite of tools for patient engagement and the Provider Network. 

See Library

Exchanges & Submits
Exchanges & Submits

With its single, secure platform, the Ocean Provider Network makes it easy to send, receive or submit any type of eRequest, including eReferrals, eConsults, eOrders and eSubmissions 

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