Community Feature: Spotlight on the Ocean-Med Access Extension

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Attention Med Access users! If you’re sending eReferrals with Ocean, we highly recommend checking out the Ocean-MA Extension, a free, open-source browser extension that can significantly improve your Ocean eReferral workflows.

Benefits of using the Ocean-MA Extension

With Ocean eReferrals now serving provincial health authorities from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, this extension can reduce the burden for clinicians across the country, with key features including:

  • Easy attachment creation: Select chart items from the patient’s file and generate an attachment with just a few clicks
  • Streamlined eReferral process: Add attachments directly without needing to download files locally

Beyond the timesaving and privacy/security advantages, it’s exciting to see the extension’s ongoing development. A recent update, for instance, introduced automatic task categorization based on category (e.g., Consult or Investigation) and type (e.g., General Surgery), further streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time

Hear what some of the 1,000+ users are saying

The primary care advisory group [in Nova Scotia] was thrilled to see these enhancements

– Clinical Lead

Just discovered there is a new way to index and file previously processed consults. When I complete the task, the document automatically refiles into the ‘Consult’/Referral folder. The developers outdid themselves!

– Family Physician

The Ocean-MA Extension is available for download for free from the Chrome Web Store for both Chrome and Microsoft Edge users. For more information on how to use this extension, check out the Ocean-MA Extension FAQ.

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