Three quick tips for boosting your eReferral traffic

Best Practices

When clinics first join the Ocean Provider Network, they often ask us: “How do we let everyone know that we are now open for eReferrals?” While there are countless channels and methods to raise awareness today, here are three proven traffic-boosting tips from eReferral experts.

1. Complete and optimize your Healthmap listing

When setting up your clinic’s directory listing on the Ocean Healthmap, it’s important to be as complete and comprehensive as possible. The more detailed information you include in your listing’s description, service offerings, wait times — even languages spoken — the better chance your listing will appear in these search results. Plus, if it’s crystal clear what services you offer, you won’t have to turn away as many unsuitable requests.

Notably, directory listings also include a section for clinic contact information where you can link to your website, provide a phone number, and even upload your logo. Completing these fields will help raise awareness for your clinic and makes it easier for senders and patients to contact you if needed.

2. Share the news with your professional network

A critical part of any change management is to communicate clearly to others what exactly is changing. Thus, informing your existing network that are you moving to Ocean eReferrals shouldn’t be overlooked. These days, there are many channels for engaging your community through email blasts, social posts and clinic website updates – the more the merrier! The message doesn’t need to be complicated, simply letting others know you are helping to #axethefax with Ocean eReferrals is often enough.

Another creative approach that successful clinics use is to send a fax blast (hopefully one of your last!) to your network to inform them of your transition to eReferrals. To make things easier, we’ve created a template that you can download and add your own logo to – then simply print it off and send it your contacts (or anyone who faxes you their referral).

And note, if someone in your network wants to send you eReferrals but they’re not yet on the OPN, let them know they can reach out to [email protected] for help getting started.

3. Make it easy to find your listing

While Ocean’s EMR-integration lets providers find your listing straight from their EMR, you can also create a direct link to your directory listing page that you can share on your clinic website, email signatures and other channels.

Here is how to find and create your direct URL:

1. Go to and search for your listing

2. Hover over the title of your listing and make note of your directory reference when it appears as a tool tip

3. Paste the reference to the end of this URL:

And that’s it! Now you have a direct link to your listing to share with colleagues.

Cropped screenshot of a directory listing on the OceanMD Healthmap
Hovering over your listing name reveals the reference ID you need to generate your direct URL.

Have any other tips or tricks for boosting eReferral traffic? Please share your experience with us and the Ocean community at [email protected]!

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