Working at OceanMD: Emily MacFarlane, Software Developer

Company Culture

A portrait of Jon Fishbein, VP of Development for the Well Health Company OceanMD, formerly CognisantMD.
Emily MacFarlane

Software Developer

Emily has collaborated on product features to improve the healthcare experience for everyone, including her friends and family. She recently celebrated five years at OceanMD and we’re so grateful to have her on the team.
How did you learn about OceanMD?

I came here initially as part of my university’s co-op program. It was very exciting as they engage co-ops right in the coding work. Now, as a Software Developer, I work primarily on the client-side to improve the user experience. I have had the opportunity to learn about long-term software development, from large-scale planning for resilient, scalable products to deep user testing to the gradual deployment of features.

What is exciting about the technical work you do?

I’m part of a team with a flat hierarchy, and we all work across the tech stack. Recently, I took on some new opportunities, which include working with our product team to develop and improve existing processes, especially around how they work with our development team. In addition to the team, I enjoy working on the Ocean Portal, which hosts all our client-facing products. Their end users (the patients, and occasionally myself included) can book appointments online, receive automated reminders, and more. This is just one example of the intuitive workflow we need for the everyday user with a complex and secure, dynamic back end.

Why do you stay?

Everyone here is incredibly motivated to make a difference and that creates a great atmosphere. It’s a chance to be involved in medical technology that’s deployed to real world users. OceanMD is building solutions for every Canadian; those in healthcare to facilitate communication between patient and provider or across teams and even institutions. Knowing the work I do is purposeful and wide-reaching is truly rewarding. I’m helping create products and features that are user friendly and elevating an industry we all participate in. Part of my role includes collecting and analyzing data on how satisfied customers (hospitals, large healthcare practices) are with the functionality and ease-of-use. It’s professionally and personally satisfying to hear that. My family, my friends, and even my colleagues and I, we are all benefiting.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy exploring my creativity with all kinds of fiber arts such as sewing, knitting and weaving. I love being able to slow down and create things by hand that are both decorative and functional. Learning more about how everyday items like clothing are made and the history behind these crafts makes me feel more connected and prouder of what I’ve created.

What is your top travel destination?

Anywhere that I can explore nature! My ideal vacation is one where I can balance relaxation with hiking, especially if there are amazing views or a unique environment to experience. A recent favourite place was northern Spain, where I was lucky to hike through some beautiful valleys and was awed at the vibrant greens and hidden beaches.

Hiking through a sequoia forest in Cantabria, Spain

If creating the technology that makes the healthcare experience better for people sounds appealing to you, then join us at OceanMD to get started.

Visit our Careers Page to learn more about working at OceanMD.

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